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Never Got to Say Goodbye - Chapter 4
He was lying in a hospital bed. A machine next to him measured his heart rate, which was going slightly faster than usual. A tube attached to his wrist was feeding him nutrients.
And right at his bedside? Holding his hand with an expression of pure ecstasy?
“John…” Sherlock croaked.
Kind, brave, wonderful, brilliant, amazing, John in all his jumper-wearing glory.
The fact that John looked like he hadn't had a proper meal, or a good night rest; both things he nagged Sherlock to do; in a month didn't bother him,
What was important was that John was alive.
Sherlock then tried to hug John. But his limbs were like spaghetti from lack of movement. But John knew what Sherlock wanted and pulled him into an embrace. Sherlock gripped John as tightly as he could. He also shook with light sobs.
The hug didn't last long. John had raised Sherlock’s bed so he could sit up.
“You don’t remember what happened?” John asked
Sherlock, still shaken from the
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Never Got to Say Goodbye - Chapter 3
Sherlock was now in front of John’s grave. He didn't need to look at the gravestone. But he knew.
He just didn't know if you got to say goodbye. Not a grunt of acknowledgement. But a proper goodbye. One you say to someone when you might never see them again.
He was crying. He didn't know where he was, or what time was it. All he knew, was that he was crying.
He doesn't know how long it has been. Ever since Robert visited him, time didn’t have a meaning. It rushed during cases; when he was deducing. But was always painfully slow when there should have been a ‘fantastic’ or ‘amazing’ or ‘brilliant’’. When there should have been John, a second felt like an eternity.
He heard a voice.
“Sherlock, you need to wake up!”
It was so warm, inviting. Achingly familiar.
“Please Sherlock…” the Voice continued, “it’s been almost a month. Give me a sign you are somewhere in there.
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Never Got to Say Goodbye - Chapter 2
What?” Sherlock all but yelled “Why didn't he tell me?”
“John said he did tell you. But you probably deleted it”
Sherlock’s anger at John vanished, John probably did tell him, but Sherlock deleted it. Why did he take that information as ‘useless’? Why? Why? Why?
Sherlock felt horror pierce through his veins.
“Why are you here?” Sherlock asked. “Why did John tell you to give me a message?”
Robert looked everywhere but at the Consulting Detective.
Not Good.
“Because…” Robert’s voice strained “because…”
“He’s dead.”
Everything came to a screeching halt.
“What?” Sherlock’s voice was small. So so small.
“We got ambushed.” Robert explained, “He got shot, right in the heart, just as backup arrived. By the time we could get to him, nothing could be done.”
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Never Got to Say Goodbye - Chapter 1
There was a knock at the door.
“John?” Sherlock called, as he was in the middle of an experiment.
No answer. John must have left for work. Dull.
Sherlock answered the door. It was a young man, in his mid-20’s. Army. Not high rank. A Private.
“Sherlock Holmes?” the Private asked. His tone was riddled with uncertainty.
“What do you want?” Sherlock asked, “You aren't a client. Yet you are in the army and are wishing to speak to me.”
The young man cleared his throat.
“My name in Private Robert.” He said, voice strained even though he cleared it. “I have a message for you from Captain John Watson. He made me promise I tell you when I came home.”
“What?” Sherlock asked, “When did you speak to him”
“A few weeks ago.” Robert said.
“Why can’t he just tell me?” Sherlock, for a rare moment, was confused.
Robert gave a sigh, with a small laugh.
“He said you woul
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What Would He Say?
John’s screams awoke the soon to be married couple once again. Mary understood her future husband’s pain. She knew what a pivotal part of John’s life he was.
But neither of them could live like this.
“John, sweetie,” Mary said; one John had caught his breath, “you can’t be live like this. It’s not healthy to keep such a tight grip on the Fall. You need to move on!”
“But he died!” John whispered, “Right infront of me! How can I move on from that?!”
Mary and John had this conversation before; but now they might escalate into a fight. Mary decided it was time to pull out what she had been keeping in her proverbial back pocket.
“One question John,” Mary began; placing a hand on John’s shoulder; “w
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There was once a knight and a sorcerer.
The sorcerer, though brilliant and highly skilled in magic, was an outcast; because of his power. To everyone, no one good could be that powerful. So the sorcerer lived alone in a shack, making spells and solving mysteries. He lived a life of contentment.
Then he came into his life. An invalid knight, home from the war due to an injury. He was the first person the sorcerer could remember that praised what he did. It felt nice…
The two of them got a flat together, which was an upgrade for the both of them. A place where he could conduct his spells, relax and where the knight could chronicle their adventures.
As they lived together, the sorcerer opinion of the knight grew. The knight was ordinary, romanticized their adventures; needed those dull things like food and sleep.
He was also the most extraordinary person the sorcerer had ever met.
Their adventures led them all over their kingdom. The sorcerer felt like he was happy for the f
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ACT IV: The Reichenbach Return
Chapter 4 – What the Future Holds
After the conference, the entire Order, members that survived the missions, sans a few Irregulars; who were partying on their own; and Director; who was ostracized for her threats, were having one last get together. They got the one thing that they all loved, pizza.
With the Order disbanded, they might not see each other as regularly. They made a promise to meet up. Almost all of them made that promise. Even Sherlock promised to join from time to time. Only Melody said she couldn’t do it.
“I need to head home, my family ought to be worried sick about me”
“You didn’t tell them?” John said, “You were eighteen when we met! You ran away?”
“It’s…complicated” Melody stammered, before grabbing a slice of pepperoni, Canadian bacon, and anchovy.
They ate in almost silence, with a bit of chattering. When the pizza was finished, a cake wheeled in. Chocolate buttercream
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ACT IV: The Reichenbach Return
Chapter 3 – Of Agents, an Officer and an Irregular
Soon, the day of the conference approached. John, Sophia, Sherlock, Melody and Lestrade were getting ready, reporters from all over waiting to get the scoop. Wanting to report on the Return of the Reichenbach hero. Pity that Kitty Reily lost her job as a reporter, once word got out that she reported false information out of spite; she lost all credibility. She could never get a job as a reporter ever again. I heard she makes a mean mochachino, though.
“Come on you guys” Sophia said, wheeling ahead of them, “we have a press conference to attend”
The press conference went as well. The focus was split between the Order and the return of Sherlock Holmes. The questions were either open, or given to one of the people present…
“Detective Inspector, how did come in contact with the Order? “
“Whoever started the Order contacted my via text,“ Lestrade replied “I
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ACT IV: The Reichenbach Return
Chapter 2 – Mycroft’s Offer
The days passed as Sherlock and Sophia healed. Soon, Sherlock could leave. Sophia needed to stay for a little while longer, they needed to check her spine and she needed to get a proper wheelchair. When she got this news, Sophia sighed.
“Looks like I’ll need to sell my motorcycle” she said, she was going to miss it.
Sherlock and John assisted in advertising Sophia’s bike. It was soon sold to a nice young woman named Alexis.
Sophia also looked at some places she could live, places that were wheelchair friendly.
A few days later, Sophia was testing her wheelchair, then she would go and find a place to stay while she searched for a house. When Mycroft; of all people; walked in.
“Hello, Miss Jane” he said walking over to her.
Sophia turned away and wheeled to a window.
“What do you want?” she asked.
“To help you,” he replied, “you saved my brother. I can help you, you
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ACT IV: The Reichenbach Return
Chapter 1 – Awakening
Once Sherlock had regained consciousness, the first thought that came to him was not that he was in hospital, not that he had surgery nor that John was sitting in a chair watching him. Those all came immediately after. The first thing that came to him was: Sophia did not call me ‘Kid’. Tackled me, protected me. She called me by my name.
Not ‘Kid’.

Once these conclusions came to him, Sherlock opened his eyes to find himself in a semi-private hospital room. There was someone in the other bed. He deduced that the person in the other bed was Sophia.
He turned and saw John, whose face had a small smile. Before Sherlock could say anything, John threw his arms around him.
“Don’t ever pull a stunt like that ever again”
“John!” Sherlock tried to sit up, but the pain was too much. John helped prop up the bed so he could sit up.
“…Thanks.” Sherlock glanced over at the bed w
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In the time after Sherlock Holmes fell, the lives he was in became so very quiet.
The Yard felt this in the crime scenes and cases that came after his fall. No more having their intelligence insulted, no more lightning-fast deductions. No ‘tainted’ crime scenes.
Mrs. Hudson, though she complained about the noise he made, hated the silence the flat now held. She hated it not only for the pain of the loss of one she thought as her son, but also for the pain of the man who lived there; alone.
Mycroft stopped dieting altogether, hoping for an insult from his little brother. Insults that never came. Only quiet.
But the one who greatly suffered from the quiet? John Watson.
No more violin at 3am. No shooting at the wall. No yells of Bored!
No one to ruin his dates, or interrupt him at work.
Even watching the telly was quiet. No commentary from the man who felt like he knew everything.
No snaps of how unimportant it is to eat or sleep. No explosions from the kitchen.
No rude
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ACT III: One Miracle Too Late
Chapter 4 – Rescue Mission
The two got to the pool quickly. Sophia hid her bike. Sherlock went to the back entrance. There were no civilians here, which as odd for the weather. True the pool was old, but it showed no signs of giving in.
“Alright Kid” Sophia said “Let’s go!”
The two entered the building. It was crawling with lesser members of the Web. They didn't matter all that mattered was the phone and John.
Sherlock’s phone was heavily guarded. In a safe, surrounded by guards. Too many for Sherlock to handle. He needed to distract them
He fired his gun and the guards began to scramble looking where the bullet came from.
I have 1.2 minutes before they figure out it was a distraction Sherlock thought, heading to the safe. He knew what the code would be.
1 - 9 - 8 – 9
Two pieces of nostalgia. What luck.
Sherlock didn't have time to think anything else, the guards came bounding back. Sherlock fired. Gu
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ACT III: One Miracle Too Late
Chapter 3 – The Plan
It was almost an all-nighter for the people in the room. The Order was still in the building, it was going to take a while to close up shop. Sherlock and Sophia returned to Baker Street. All they knew is that they were the ones to carry out the mission. If they stayed, Director would be suspicious.
They soon had their plan. Sherlock and Sophia were to go and rescue John. While there, they would also retrieve Sherlock’s phone.
They were all asleep by the early light of the morning. Melody was the first to wake up. She headed back to Communications.
Sophia awoke to the sound of her headset ringing. In a pattern that only she and Melody would know its meaning. The first few notes of Carry On, My Wayward Son. She got out of John’s bed and got ready. She wore her attire for non-stealth missions; cargo pants and a white top. She but her two guns in the holsters on either side of her belt. She put on her headset and headed to meet
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ACT III: One Miracle Too Late
Chapter 2 – To Right a Wrong
Sophia knew something was wrong. She grabbed Sherlock and ran to Communications.
“What’s going on?” Sherlock asked, trying to keep up; was this how John often felt, being dragged everywhere?
“Peaches didn't use her sign-off phrase” Sophia said “which means she was forced to say that”
“I cannot risk a life” Melody said, from behind.
“Melody!” Sherlock said, “What’s going on?”
“They have John” Melody said “They are going to kill him if we don’t dissolve our mission to get the phone”
“Who has John?” Sherlock growled
“Moran” Melody said, before leading them to a small room.
“Lock the doors, Mickey” Melody said to Canine.
“Yes ma’am”
“What are we doing here?” Sophia asked
“Director made me say that announcement” Melody explained,
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ACT III: One Miracle Too Late
Chapter 1 – A Bit Not Good
John Watson’s fist collided with the, supposedly, dead detective’s face.
“Not good?” Sherlock asked holding his nose.
“No shit Sherlock!” John yelled “I thought you were dead, for three years!”
“I had my reasons!” Sherlock yelled back “If I didn't jump, Moriarty’s snipers would have killed you!”
“Why didn't you tell me?” John was on the verge of tears “Don’t you trust me?”
“Remember at the pool? When you were willing to give your life so I could escape?” Sherlock went back to his usual demeanor “Moriarty would have told his snipers that you would be the one to watch; to see if I was really dead. If you knew, and you slipped up, they would still kill you!”
“It all comes down to you John,” Director said “the snipers, the crime web, would know if Sherlock is alive by how
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Kindred Spirits
They hadn't initially began to drink together, no. John had actively avoided Mycroft for weeks after the Fall. He felt it was the only way he could restrain himself from beating the man to a bloody pulp. It was weeks until he felt that he had enough self-control to not attack the man when he saw him.
So he went to visit on a Friday, to see Mycroft drink whisky and, if John didn't know any better, he was sobbing; silently. A picture frame on his desk was lying flat. John walked over, Mycroft still hadn't noticed him.
John picked up the frame and looked at the picture. It was of two boys, the younger one wearing a pirate hat, brandishing a wooden sword, while the older one just smiled at the child. John didn't need deductive skills to know who the picture was of.
It was that day that John realized that when Sherlock fell, John might have lost his best friend; but Mycroft lost his little brother.
“Go ahead and yell; Dr. Watson” Mycroft's, slurred, voice said.
Instead, John too
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