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Iroh wrung the wet cloth and gently mopped his nephew's forehead. It has been a few hours since Zuko had collapsed, and Iroh has not left his side since.

Now Zuko hasn't awoken for a while which worried Iroh. But Iroh still stayed by his side, mopping the Prince's forehead.

Iroh didn't notice Zuko groaning at first, but he did soon after. Iroh soon saw Zuko move his head, moaning in possible discomfort.

"Zuko…" Iroh said in concern for his nephew's well being

Zuko opened his eyes slowly.

"Zuko, how are you feeling?"

Zuko tried to get up, but Iroh gently pushed him down, but Zuko was still as stubborn as a donkey-horse…


Iroh's eyes widened, he didn't know if it was the fever, or if Zuko knowingly acknowledged Iroh as his father, but then it would mean the fever melted the lies Ozai made.

Iroh was always fond of Ursa, especially after his own wife, Jasmine, died giving birth to Lu Ten.

Iroh didn't realize his true feelings for Ursa until Ozai was called away on diplomatic duties.

Iroh only remembered him and Ursa confessing their feelings for one another and what he felt that night with Ursa…

Once it was found out Ursa was pregnant, both Ursa and Iroh knew that there was no way Ozai could be the father, however, fear of what Ozai might do if this information was leaked out, they kept it only to themselves.

Iroh looked at his nephew; no; son, who was already asleep again. He stroked his hair gently contemplating whether or not to tell him this. After a short while Iroh decided it was for the best to keep this to himself, for the time being.
This one shot was written for :iconterrafan4242: as a birthday gift. As she loves Zuko and Iroh's relationship, I decided to write a short fic for her. It started at fluff, then I added the whole thing of Iroh being Zuko's daddy to flesh it out.

And the whole 'stubborn as a donkey-horse' thing is something I often say about Zuko; so yeah
hayhay999 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2010
you get a :trophy: and a :cookie:
sonIghtsca Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010  Student General Artist
"stubborn as a Donkey-Horse.", That acctually fit's Zuko, Description wise. :eyepopping:

I really love how you made Iroh the actual father of Zuko, since he acctually Does fill such a role when Zuko decided to go find and Kill the Avatar. :crazy:

This fic is a really nice read, and the fluffiness is just waiting to crawl into your lap. I hope your other Fluffy family friend likes it to. :#1:
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